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Commercial vehicle rental. corporate van rental

SG Brand logo 02 copyThe founder of KIM SENG TECK MOTORWORKS, Mr. Lee Buck Gim, started his career as an apprentice in motor repairs at a tender age of 16, and established the business with his father along with his siblings in 1980 when he was 23 years old. The company went through rapid growth in the last 30 years and is now an integrated motor leasing and Motor Repairs company in Singapore. With a professional team and customized service, KIM SENG TECK MOTORWORKS earned its name and established great reputation in the industry. It also achieved excellence, earning them many awards including the Singapore Brands 2013/2014.

In order to maintain its highly professional skills and services, KIM SENG TECK MOTORWORKS invested heavily both in equipment and talent reserves combine with Professional tools. We have highly skilled fixers and engineers along with excellent service and business integrity are the secrets to its success.

Founder Mr. Lee has been working in the motor industry all his life and is a very experienced and respected figure in the sector. His father inculcated his brand of entrepreneur spirit of diligence, prudence and honesty to him at a very young age. “Just Count On Me” has been the business motto of KIM SENG TECK MOTORWORKS/KST Auto Rental Pte. Ltd since its inception. He now leads a professional team providing unbeatable service; they keep up with the best repairing service and always finish tasks on time. On top of that, they have expanded their business by providing value added services such as motor insurance claim and is now a one-stop service center. KIM SENG TECK MOTORWORKS continues to grow to provide more services. Among which KST AUTO RENTAL PTE LTD was established in 1993, providing auto rental to various big company in Singapore. KST is most renowned for its fleet owner maintenance. “Just count on me” is the signature phrase of Mr. Lee, winning him great credence and is celebrated in the motor industry as the company identity grows exponentially.

As a fully functioning and professional auto rental company, it owns more than 200 vehicles for different commercial purposes. These vehicles are of superb quality and are well maintained; they are also customized to the companies’ specification. In addition, the vehicles are inspected and serviced regularly to ensure safety and the smooth running of the client’s business. This outstanding service provided by KST helped promote the growth of Singapore’s SMEs. Top 500 companies such as DHL, Toll Global Express, and Certis Cisco as well as numerous SMEs have established strong and loyal working relationships with KST. Some going back more than two decades and many new clients are joining the team every year with its growing reputation.

Running an enterprise is no easy task, much so a conscious company with integrity. Mr. Lee has always believed in letting his actions speak for him. He actively engages in entrepreneurship trainings that allow him to upgrade himself to keep up with the changing trends. He strongly believes that it is his role as a leader to promote not only his company’s growth but also the welfare of his employees, allowing them to grow alongside the company. In the meantime, KIM SENG TECK MOTORWORKS/KST Auto Rental Pte. Ltd will continue to innovate, upgrade and adopt fresh strategies to enhance its brand.

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